New Covenant Presbyterian Church, PCA


  • We have some great Sunday Morning Adult Bible Fellowship classes going on now - Check our What We Do page for more information!

Our Core Values

  • Spiritual Growth: People meeting regularly around Word and sacrament to mature in Christ as His disciples.
  • Family Ministry: People building primary relationships around principles of God's Word and supporting family values through the ministry of the Church.
  • Outreach: A Community of believers sharing Christ and leading people in a personal relationship with Him and ministry in His church.
  • Growth Groups: Small groups where people give and receive God's love and care through the ministry of the church.
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Our Body

    Worship with Us

  • We believe the sole functions of the Church, as a kingdom and government distinct from the civil commonwealth, are to proclaim and to administer the Gospel of Christ revealed in the Scriptures" (BCO 3-3). Read more about Who We Are.

From the Pastor's Desk

God Is Our Refuge

It is exciting to step into a new year. A year that is full of the unknown ... unknown experiences, unknown challenges, unknown blessings, and unknown trials. We will have sunny and cloudy days. We will experience the dry and rainy days. Even though the path ahead is somewhat unknown, we can be assured of one thing ... God will walk with us on all days.

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What is the PCA?

Presbyterian Church in America

Faithful to the Scriptures, true to the Reformed faith and obedient to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

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Dallas, Texas
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