We Work Globally

"The PCA's influence extends far beyond the walls of the local church. Through Mission to the World, about 600 foreign missionaries are working in about 60 nations. Because of the unique relationship between Mission to the World and over 30 mission agencies with which some of PCA's missionaries are working, many people consider PCA's influence to be far greater than its size might indicate. Further, with close to 160 chaplains in the military and in hospitals, the Gospel is proclaimed to a rather large audience around the world not reached through usual ecclesiastical channels. Because of the emphasis on education, many members of the PCA are teachers and professors at all levels of education, including large universities and quite a few theological seminaries. Mission to North America serves PCA churches and presbyteries as they advance God’s Kingdom in North America through the development of intentional evangelism and outreach ministries."

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Our Ministries

We Work Locally

  • Counseling: New Covenant Christian Counseling is a biblically based counseling service designed to provide affordable help to people who are having a hard time facing the challenges of life. Read More
  • Operation Christmas Child: Every Christmas our congration collects toys and places them in shoeboxes to send to children around the world. Read More
  • Peach Ministries: The purpose of Peach Ministries is to come along side of pastors to provide the much needed encouragement to help pastor’s face the many challenges of ministry. Peach Ministries also exists to come along side church leaders, providing the needed encouragement and tools to build healthy relationships and work through challenging decisions so that the church is able to maintain peace, purity, and unity. Read More

What is the PCA?

Presbyterian Church in America

Faithful to the Scriptures, true to the Reformed faith and obedient to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

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