New Covenant Presbyterian Church, Dallas, TX

Our Beliefs

We, the Session of New Covenant Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Texas, being loyal to the legally adopted Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in America, and holding in high esteem the great heritage of our denomination, hereby take an affirmative stand to remain loyal to Scripture and to the reformed faith. We do hereby declare that we stand for the historic doctrine and form of government of the Presbyterian Church in America, i.e., the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Book of Church Order.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the only means of salvation (John 14:6) and is the only begotten Son of God who, born of the Virgin Mary, took upon himself man's nature. By his perfect obedience and sacrifice he has fully satisfied the justice of his Father and purchased reconciliation and an everlasting inheritance in the Kingdom of Heaven for all those whom the Father has given him. Crucified, dead and buried' he arose from the dead with the same body in which he suffered, ascended into heaven and there sits at the right hand of his Father, interceding for those who-accept, receive and rest upon him alone for justification, sanctification and eternal life. (WCF VIII)

We believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament to be the Word of God written and that the entire sixty-six books of the Bible were given by inspiration of God to be the rule of faith and life. We believe that the authority of the Holy Scripture does not depend upon the testimony of any man or church. (WCF I)

We believe that "the infallible rule of interpretation of Scripture, is Scripture itself." The Scriptures being self-attesting are not subject to the preconceptions or criticisms of man, nor should they be interpreted to suit the situations or fancies of men. The Supreme Judge by which all controversies, opinions and doctrines of men are to be examined"Can be no other but the Holy Spirit speaking in the Scripture." (WCF I)


We believe that the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms contain the systems of doctrine taught in the Holy Scriptures and that those standards are the most acceptable expression of the Reformed Faith. We affirm our view of the Presbyterian Church as a confessional church, and would oppose any effort to adopt a multi-confessional document.


We believe "the sole functions of the Church, as a kingdom and government distinct from the civil commonwealth, are to proclaim and to administer the Gospel of Christ revealed in the Scriptures" (BCO 3-3).

We believe that church courts, boards and agencies "are to handle, or conclude nothing, but that which is ecclesiastical: and are not to inter-meddle with civil affairs which concern the commonwealth". (WCF XXXI-IV) Christ is "King, Saviour, and the Head of the Church... the only Lawgiver in Zion". (BCO Preface) "The power of the Church is exclusively spiritual" (BCO 3-4) and "The exercise of ecclesiastical power, whether joint or several, has the divine sanction when in conformity with the statutes enacted by Christ, the Lawgiver, and when put forth by courts or by officers appointed "hereunto in his Word". (BCO 3-6) Church officers ought to be in subjection to their brethren in the Lord (BCO 21-4 (5) and 24-5 (5) when such brethren are truly "in the Lord" through absolute conformity with the Word.

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