Archived Worship Services

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A Sunday Eammaus

Easter: Our Response to the Good News

Palm Sunday - Easter Season Medley

Character Study

A Snapshot of Grace

Self-centered Motivation + Negative Peer Pressure = Self-destruction

Character: That Inner Fiber That Defines the Person

The Trial Before the Religious Authorities

What It Means To Follow Jesus

The Most Grace Filled Words Ever Spoken

Three Lies We Tell God

The Power of Prayer

The Race Toward Christ Is Full of Obstacles

Beyond the Poor Refelection

The Power of the People

My Words Will Never Pass Away

Our Nurturing Environment

The Good News of Christmas

Safety in the Midst of Evil

Two Men and a Mirror

Thankful Praise

The Call the Persevere

The Religious...The Rich...The Righteous

A Glimpse into the Next World

How to Face Increasing Opposition

The Significance of an Insignificant Stone

His Good, Pleasing and Perfect Will

The Lord's Day

Faith Sees Us Through Hard Times

A Snapshot of Repentance

I Once Was Blind...But Now I See

Spiritual Attitudes

Persistance in Prayer

A Change of Perspective

Faith is Individualized

The Significance of Thankful Praise

Four Steps Toward GODliness

Biblically Correct

Self-Centered Motivation

God Bless America

The Forgiving Father

Lost and Found

The Call of Discipleship

The Invitation to the Feast

How to Remain Steadfast: Obedience to God's Will

A Glimpse into Christ's Heart

The Motivation and Responsibility of a Faithful Servant

The Power of the Resurrection

Calvary's Love (As Experienced in Three People)

Priorities and Perspective

Awareness Training

Table Talk

Enlightening Faith...Is Your Life a Tragedy or Comedy?

Adversity in the Midst of Spiritual Freedom

Jesus - Teach Us to Pray, Part 2: Prayer's Effect on Our God Awareness

Jesus - Teach Us to Pray, Part 1: Prayer's Effect on Our Self Awareness

The Better Choice

The Parable of the Helpless Man

Strategy for Ministry

Evangelism 101: The Call to Commitment

God: Let Me Call Down...

Servanthood - the Path Toward Unity

Stepping Faithfully into a New Year

The Gospel - The Good News of Christmas (the Light: Received and Reflected)

The Gospel - The Good News of Christmas (the Light Available to All)

What Makes Christmas Merry? PLUS Christmas Contata

The Gospel - the Good News of Christmas (the Light is the Annointed One: Christ the Lord)

The Gospel - the Good News of Christmas (the Light That Shines in the Darkness)

Three Reasons to be Thankful (No audio available)

  • November 24, 2013
  • Paul Brown
  • Scripture: Luke 9:28-26
  • Series: The Gospel of Luke
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The Power of the Gospel

Brokeness...The Path to Satisfaction

Apostolic Internship

Our Greatest Obstacle

A Life Transforming Story

Obedience...the Path to Intimacy with God

Let's Light the World

Obstacles to Christian Growth

The Fellowship Dinner

Are You Asking a Legitimate Question or Making a Critical Accusation?

Authority and Power

Life Makes Sense When We Understand the Cross

Love Your Enemies

Transformed Thinking...A New Way to Live

Sabbath Lessons

Two Interactions

The Call of Levi

Psalm 119

The Psalms and the Senses

Take Your Mat and Go Home

Our Incurable Disease; Our Miraculous Healing

Life's Turning Points

A Change of Perspective

Spiritual Warfare

  • June 9, 2013
  • Paul Brown
  • Scripture: Luke 4:31-44
  • Series: The Gospel of Luke
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The Spoken Word

Sermon Title

Our Strategic Defense System

Faith Is Experienced

A Father's Love

Producing Fruit in Keeping with Repentance

Three Steps Leading to God's Favor

Special Days and Normal Years

Spiritual Footprints

Benefits of the Resurrection

Palm Sunday Service

  • March 24, 2013
  • Paul Brown and the NCPC Chancel Choir
  • Series: Jesus, Our Cornerstone: A Choral and Spoken Word Presentation
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Thr Fruit of Obedience

God Is Sovereign

Faith in the Unseen

Reconciled Living

Walking into the Path of Peace

Living in the Shadow of Mercy

When You Need a Friend: Friends in a Time of Uncertainty

Nothing is Impossible with God, Part II

Nothing is Impossible with God

A Divine Call to Serve

Knowing the Certainty of Things Taught

The Christmas Gift: Our Need for Security

The Christmas Gift: God Supplies our Substantial Needs – Our Need for Maturity

Carols and Classics (choral presentation)

The Christmas Gift: Spiritual Needs... Need for Humanity

The Christmas Gift: God Supplies our Social Needs – Our Need for Identity

A Summary of Philippians

The Fruit of a Generous Heart

Three Reasons to Rejoice

Thinking our way to Peace

Seeking Peace in an Anxious World

A Plead for Agreement

The Challenge Before Us

Stand Firm by Focusing on Jesus

National Pride - E Pluribus Unum

Removing the Mystery of God's Will

It is Always Time to Press On

Righteousness that comes from God

Salvation at Work

The Significance of Attitude

We Can't Lose

God's Perserverance